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Today admatter update ( October30, 2017)

About Jobs in india

A Few About Us:

Quite a few years back we were operating an ad agency called Ad Solutions. It was totally based on printing media like newspaper ads. But, when the internet captured the advertising market, we lost around 60% of clients within a year. So, we had to thing different to keep our business alive. And that is why we decided to go for online advertising. But, it was also too difficult because, there are many strong online advertising platforms available to advertise online, such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, we target the group of services/businesses which are not allowed to advertise online such as online dating, personal services, etc. And, started advertise their products/services on free classified sites manually.

Till now we have been running our business successfully with over 50 clients across India. So, we have decided to take our business to the next level and let common people do job in favor of us via this job portal. 

Team behind “Job for Indian”:

As mentioned earlier that this is not a single handed project, here we are around 21 generous guys working as a team in Kolkata, WB who operating and maintaining this job portal from a small office with a great working environment. As, we are new, we might make many mistakes but we always like to provide a better service that you people can make some profited from this online job portal without spending any penny from your pocket. So, do work yourself and let other people to do. Jai Hind!

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